Tradition’s foundational principle is that a private label collection should be truly unique to each customer. Therefore, we do not simply offer a limited selection of pre-determined label and hang tag options, which could not be easily differentiated from those sold at other golf facilities. Instead, we customize labels, hang tags, and packaging exclusivelyfor each customer, utilizing a number of different materials and layouts to deliver a truly unique presentation.

Tradition’s design team helps customers develop their own collections by focusing on unique things in their history that can become the basis to build a proprietary collection around. While some customers simply use the name of their golf course for their custom labels and hang tags, many have been very successful using words, symbols, dates, icons, or phrases that are closely related to their course or its history. Examples often include quotes from original course architects or founders, stories about the course’s history and core beliefs, or simple messages of appreciation. 

A proprietary collection leveraging these types of unique traits will be greatly appreciated by members and guests and will stand alone within a sea of very similar “branded” product to become an extremely refreshing and integral part of any apparel sales strategy.